Website For Church: 25 Best Church Websites On The Internet

December 31, 2022
Website For Church: 25 Best Church Websites On The Internet

A website is essential for churches in this digital age as it helps foster community and creates engagement with current members and potential visitors. A good website allows churches to provide valuable information about their mission, services, and events while allowing people to learn more about the church or connect with its members.

It serves as a place where visitors can find contact information, directions, worship times, and even live streams of their services. For churches that want to engage their community in new ways, they can use their website to host online classes, create virtual forums for discussion, or even post inspiring messages from religious leaders.

Additionally, a church site can be used as an effective tool for fundraising – allowing generous donors to donate funds via a secure payment system quickly. Having an online presence also allows churches to reach new audiences that may have otherwise been unreachable due to physical distance or difficulty in access.

To help you get started on your church’s website project, we’ve collected 25 of the best church website designs from around the web. These examples will give you some great ideas for creating an effective and engaging site to attract visitors. From modern minimalist designs to bright and colorful pages, these sites will inspire you!

What Features Should A Great Church Website Have?

A good church website should have several features that make it look modern, attractive, and easy to navigate. These features include;

  1. A simple yet eye-catching font combination.
  2. Bold call-to-action buttons.
  3. An interactive menu bar.
  4. Social media links.
  5. A comprehensive calendar section for upcoming events and Livestream services
  6. Easily accessible information with the use of icons or search options.
  7. Contemporary design elements like light/dark mode.

These features should be strategically placed to provide visitors with a pleasant and informative browsing experience. Additionally, church websites should emphasize creating an emotional connection between the church and its visitors by presenting an inviting atmosphere through visuals. Finally, all content should be written in a compelling tone that speaks directly to audiences.

With the help of these features, church websites can create a powerful platform that showcases their values and mission. It is important to remember that church websites should be designed to reach out and engage with members and visitors alike effectively. This way, churches can build strong relationships and foster an inviting atmosphere.

Website For Church: 25 Best Church Websites On The Internet

1. Kearney FUMC

1. Kearney FUMC

Kearney’s website has a simple, minimalistic interface that is easy to navigate. Shades of white and teal are combined to create a pleasing color palette that is calming and inviting.

The homepage has interactive prompts and sections prompting visitors to watch or stream a sermon, view upcoming events, and connect with groups without having to navigate further into the website.

Visitors can also learn about Kearney FUMC right on the first page and have the option to find out more which will direct them to contact Kearney directly. This kind of website design allows visitors to get a feel of the church even before they make contact.

2. Passion City Church

Passion City Church

Passion city church website perfectly combines design with operability. This website is extremely easy to navigate and has great visuals that make users feel welcome.

The menu bar situated at the top right corner provides an extensive drop-down list of items starting with a clickable start here icon that redirects to an about us page. The phrase “For God. For People. For The City. For The World” sits prominently at the top of the page, revealing their mission and story even before they tell it.

3. Elevation Church

3. Elevation Church

Elevation Church’s website is a great example of effectively combining SEO and modern design. The site features SEO-friendly sections, clear CTAs, and relevant images for visual pleasure.

Each section encourages users to take a particular action, from watching sermons to getting involved in groups and outreach. The website also allows visitors to view its content in six other languages, including Spanish and French.

Users can also tailor their Elevation Church web experience based on whether they’re new or already part of the online church community (eFam).

4. Sojourn Church

Sojourn Church

The Sojourn church website is a minimalist website with a striking interface. The website greets visitors with a message from Pastor Chris Mcrae, followed by joyful videos of church members, highlighting community and oneness.

Further down the page, you will find the latest message and a “read more” CTA, arousing visitors’ interest and encouraging them to explore further.

The Sojourn Church website perfectly combines simplicity and resourcefulness, which is why it made this list.

5. New Life Church

5. New Life Church

New Life Church’s website exemplifies how a minimalist design can still be effective and engaging. The dark, calm interface welcomes you with a bold “Join Us” CTA that’s as compelling as a call-to-action can be.

Visitors have two options, to join in person or watch online. There’s a field on the home page for visitors to easily connect with the church and get the help or assistance they need.

6. Loft City Church

6. Loft City Church

Loft City Church’s website stands out for its creative yet minimalist design and the bold use of orange.

Visitors can easily take the next step after visiting the home page with a pop-up CTA that asks visitors to join the church’s mailing list and a second CTA for visitors to plan their visit. A much bolder CTA that prompts users to stay updated on upcoming LOFT city events comes next.

At the bottom of the page, you will find a quick form for visitors to subscribe to the church’s newsletter.

7. Langford Community Church

7. Langford Community Church

This church website is simple and concise at first look, but at the top right corner, you will find a menu bar that lists events, news, ministries, resources, and preaching that further leads you to each page.

The Langford Community Church website is free from the ambiguity of having several CTAs on the home page or having a mountain of information that readers cannot easily digest.

There’s also a map at the bottom of the page to guide visitors interested in physical services to church locations.

8. Mercy Hill Church

8. Mercy Hill Church

Mercy Hill Church’s website is visually pleasing and SEO-friendly. The homepage features a video background overlaid with the inspiring text “You were made for more.”

Visitors are immediately prompted to plan a visit and view the latest message. Mercy Hill Church adds a modern feature to its website, introducing a community group where one can build a deeper relationship with Jesus.

9. Riverview Church

9. Riverview Church

Riverview Church’s website has a modern, eye-catching design that makes it easy to navigate and features clear CTAs.

The homepage has several relevant sections that indicate recent posts from the church blog, upcoming events, and activities encouraging visitors to stay connected with the church.

These features help make Riverview Church’s website an effective tool for engaging with both current and potential members.

10. Life Church

10. Life Church

Life Church’s website utilizes the blue hue efficiently with modern font and sections. Using pictures to create a compelling design is astounding, and combined with the blue, it creates an atmosphere of belonging.

The CTA at the top of the page, “See you at Life Church online,” perfectly accentuates the already pleasant visual pleasure of the website.

The traditional church website has an amazing user-centric interactive design, providing an immersive experience for visitors. From the start to the end of the page, visitors’ questions are answered before they even get the chance to think about them.

11. Faith Community Church

11. Faith Community Church

Faith Community Church’s website has a modern, minimalist design that puts SEO first and foremost. Several CTAs are strategically positioned on the home page to guide visitors through the website.

Further down the page, visitors will find announcements and activities that the community church offers.

Visitors can customize their experience and enjoy personalized resources based on their demography. There are sections for families, young adults, adults, and those who need training.

12. Lancaster County Bible Church

12. Lancaster County Bible Church

Lancaster County Bible Church’s website has a vibrant feel that welcomes visitors. The website’s homepage has a modern, minimalist design that makes it easy to navigate and features clear CTAs.

The home page is detailed and lists activities for the period and links to social media pages to stay connected with the church. This beautifully designed website also has a search feature for visitors looking for more specific information.

13. Flatirons Community Church

13. Flatirons Community Church

Flatirons Community Church’s website has a modern, easy-to-navigate design that is SEO-friendly and puts visitors front and center.

The homepage features a dark background, clear CTAs, and other relevant images to make it visually appealing and engaging, especially to younger adults. Each section on the homepage is dedicated to upcoming events and church activities.

Additionally, interested visitors can easily find the campus fellowships closest to them and get information about their service times and directions to their location.

This easy-to-use design, combined with the website’s visual appeal, makes Flatirons Community Church’s website an effective tool for engaging current and potential members.

14. Granger Community Church

14. Granger Community Church

The website features video clips of the Granger community engaging in fun activities and messages from the pastor. A bold welcome overlays the video, and a CTA inviting visitors to watch Granger messages comes right under.

The website is unique for its modern interface offering concise and direct messaging and visitor resources. Church events are also outlined on the website from the earliest to the latest, presenting information visitors need right in front of them.

The Granger community church also has a comprehensive menu bar and a search icon for visitors to quickly find the information they need.

15. Cornerstone Church

15. Cornerstone Church

Cornerstone church website has an interactive interface with an automatic countdown to the next service at the top of the home page and a subtle CTA inviting visitors to view previous messages.

This is followed by a summary of the previous message and a bold “welcome to cornerstone church” text. The font complements the website’s minimalist design and provides visitors with a pleasant visual experience.

The church’s activities and events are organized into categories within the home page, creating a more intuitive user experience.

The website also has several informative pages, including “calendar,” which provides a comprehensive overview of upcoming events and activities, and “care and support,” which outlines pastoral care services available to visitors.

16. Bayside Church

16. Bayside Church

Bayside church’s website uses bright, aesthetically pleasing designs to create a captivating user experience.

The homepage features a rotating banner that introduces visitors to the church and its community and prompts them to join groups.

This banner highlights Bayside Church’s website as it saves space, displays useful information, and updates. The next service time is also automatically updated; visitors can see this right below the rotating banner.

The website also features clickable images with CTAs, highlighting various church activities such as prayer, community care, and devotion, creating an excellent graphic user interface.

17. Mariners Church

17. Mariners Church

The mariners‘ church website features an incredibly calming hero image that provides visitors with a sense of peace as soon as they enter the website. The blue background and bold font bring to life the message of inspiration.

The home page has a simple design with short, straight-to-the-point content creating a neat layout.

The menu icon on the top right corner of the page opens up a drop-down list of church pages with further arrows to get you to the exact information you need. The arrangement of the website allows for easy navigation and interaction.

The website also features icons for several social media channels so visitors can connect with the church and stay updated with their events.

Overall, the mariners’ church website is designed to have an inviting yet calming atmosphere that appeals to its target user group.

18. NewSpring Church

18. NewSpring Church

The homepage features a bold CTA, “Get Involved,” which overlays video clips that tell a story of the NewSpring church and its mission.

The rest of the page takes a similar format, with texts overlaying visually appealing images, each having its own clickable CTAs.

There’s also a section for reviews where you can swipe to see what several people are saying about the church with a “learn about Jesus” CTA strategically placed underneath to prompt curious visitors to find out more.

Contents on the websites are categorized, and the categories can be found at the bottom of the page, making it easy to find the exact information needed.

19. Renewal Christian Center

19. Renewal Christian Center

The Renewal Christian Center’s website has a modern and catchy feel with a rotating banner the size of a hero image.

Each slide of the rotating banner features a striking message that speaks to the church’s mission and values. The background image tells a story that corresponds with the message, appealing to the visitor’s sense perception.

The rotating banner effectively summarizes the mission and vision of the church as well as its activities. Further down the homepage, a welcome message is strategically placed, giving visitors a chance to gain an understanding of the church without having to scroll down further.

Overall, the website has a neat layout and is aesthetically pleasing, making navigation easy, and allowing visitors to easily find the specific information they need.

20. Church on the Move

20. Church on the Move

Church on the Move website utilizes bold font to easily capture visitors’ attention. Unconventionally, the logo is situated at the top right corner, and the menu icon is on the left.

The prominent hero image has a drop-down menu that prompts visitors to pick a church. The website lists upcoming events and activities beneath the hero image to arouse visitors’ curiosity.

Visitors can also personalize their experience based on their age groups – kids or youth. The website also has a feature that allows users to create an account.

This feature allows visitors to access giving and communication preferences and prayer requests, and volunteering schedules.

21. Cross Pointe Church

21. Cross Pointe Church

The Cross Pointe Church website strikes a balance between modern and classic design. It has a simple yet eye-catching font combination that evokes serenity and optimism.

The homepage features a rotating banner and several clickable CTAs. Right below, visitors are introduced to the cross pointe family and are given the opportunity to connect with ministries and get involved when they click on the “I’m new” icon.

Cross Pointe Church also has a menu bar with bold, capitalized fonts. Overall, this website has direct messaging and effectively enhances the aesthetics, showing that the church values its visitors.

The website also has a chatbot that provides answers to frequently asked questions and directs visitors to contact the church for further inquiries. This allows visitors to get the information they need quickly without having to navigate further into the website. These examples demonstrate how churches can effectively use modern website designs to create a better user experience and engage with existing and potential visitors alike.

22. The Oaks Church

22. The Oaks Church

This church website has a trendy feel with two prominent CTAs- plan a visit and watch online.

Further down the page, visitors are introduced to various elements of the church program, starting from a welcome message to a join us advert.

The website also features a unique “Our Pastors” button that is strategically positioned, giving visitors an easy way to get to know their pastors better. The typography and color scheme are well-balanced, creating a neat layout for the page, which makes navigation easy.

23. Go Church

23. Go Church

Go church has an aesthetically pleasing website that begins with compelling videos overlaid with bold inscriptions. There are several CTA buttons below, suggesting what visitors should do next.

The website also has a comprehensive Menu bar that helps users to locate necessary information quickly. Furthermore, social media links are located at the bottom of the age, which are easily visible, promoting engagement with church members.

The website is structured in such a way that it accurately reflects the personality of the church. All in all, the website is both engaging and interactive.

24. The Orchard Church

24. The Orchard Church

The Orchard’s church website is where great design meets with simplicity. The use of greens is used to bring a sense of life and calmness.

The homepage is strategically designed with several call-to-action buttons that direct visitors to various sections of the website. Visitors are taken on an immersive journey from the “New here” pop-up to the “Next Steps.”

Further down, visitors are allowed to explore events viz calendar section and Livestream church services. The Orchard Church’s website has a search icon for visitors to easily access the information.

25. Hill City Church

25. Hill City Church


The hill city church website incorporates funky graphics, vibrant colors, and an eye-catching font.

Their homepage is simple, short, and perfectly describes “less is more .”The website utilizes animation and simple images to attract and retain the audience’s attention.

Overall, the hilly city church website emphasizes interactive elements, making it easy to navigate and find the information needed. Visitors are welcomed with a welcome message designed unconventionally.


Despite the diversity of these church websites, they all set out to accomplish the same goal: deliver information about their church in a compelling way.

Each of these churches has created a unique website tailored to fit the needs and goals of their user base. From typography, layout, and color choices to the menu bar design, there is something for everyone when it comes to creating an effective church website.

Content, usability, aesthetics, and interaction are key elements that should be included in any good church website design.

With thoughtful consideration and attention given to each element, any Christian church can create an inviting online presence that will help them reach new audiences while also serving as a powerful tool for engaging with existing members.

Priceless Consulting has successfully built rich, user-experience-driven websites across the United States.

With our expertise and attention to detail, any church website project can be made into a compelling virtual space that will captivate users’ attention and draw them in to explore the website and engage with their faith.

Whether you are an established congregation or a growing one, Priceless Consulting can create an inviting experience that will lead people from around the globe to deepen their connection with your church. Reach out to us today for your website design needs!


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