Updraftplus: The Best WordPress Backup Plugin

Nov 7, 2022 | Web Development

Backing up your WordPress site is important. Why? Well, imagine this scenario: one day you wake up, and your WordPress site is gone. This may be due to factors like your hosting provider going bankrupt, your site being hacked, or even a simple mistake on your part that causes you to lose all your data. In any case, it would be a nightmare, and unless you have a recent backup of your site, you’re basically out of luck.

We’ve seen this happen before, and when it usually does, it is virtually impossible to get your site back up. This is why it’s important to create a backup of your entire WordPress site on a regular basis, just in case something happens. One way to do this is by using Updraftplus.

In this article, we’ll discuss UpdraftPlus and talk about all its features and why it’s one of the best WordPress backup plugins available.

What Is UpdraftPlus?

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UpdraftPlus is a free WordPress backup plugin that helps you automatically backup your website in cloud storage options like Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox account, UpdraftVault, Microsoft Onedrive, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, DreamObjects, Openstack Swift, email, etc., in the event that your server crashes.

This plugin is an excellent solution for any business that wants to protect its website with a standard security fix. However, UpdraftPlus is not just a backup solution as it also offers a host of other features that make it the best WordPress backup plugin available.

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The Updraftplus WordPress Backup plugin was created by a developer named Paul Kehrer and improved by a team of developers led by David Anderson. The first thing the team at UpdraftPlus did was to improve the overall speed and performance of the WordPress backup plugin by introducing new features such as one-click backup, multisite support, etc.

UpdraftPlus is available in two versions: a free version with limited features and a premium version with all the bells and whistles.

Features Of UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin

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UpdraftPlus is feature-rich and offers a lot of features that make it the best WordPress backup plugin available. Some of the features offered by UpdraftPlus are:

One-click Backup

This feature allows you to automatically backup and restore your website with just one click. This also backs every WordPress entity (such as database, plugins, themes, and uploaded content) in a separate file from the WordPress control panel.

Asides from this, it backs up files WordPress core files, all arbitrary files/directories inside wp-content, non-WordPress database tables used by plugins, and more. UpdraftPlus also restores backed-up entities from the console with one-click access and imports WordPress backups from other backup plugins like BackupWordPress, BackWPup, WordPress Backup, Dropbox, Simple Backup, and generic SQL backups such as uncompressed, gzip-compressed, or bzip2-compressed. You can see all of your backups via the backup log.

WordPress And Multisite support

The WordPress multisite feature allows you to create a network of websites that share the same WordPress installation. This is perfect for businesses that want to manage multiple websites from one place.

Users can also import single WordPress sites from a multisite install and take advantage of scheduled backups for each site in the network.

Incremental Backups

This feature backs up only the files that have been changed since the last backup, which saves time and storage space. UpdraftPlus offers an additional one gigabyte of incremental storage for free with every purchase of the plugin.

Remote Storage Options

The remote storage feature on UpdraftPlus allows you to store and restore backups in remote locations like Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, UpdraftVault, Rackspace Cloud Files, FTP, DreamObjects, Openstack Swift, and email. You can also encrypt your existing backups before storing them in the cloud.

WP-CLI Support Features

UpdraftPlus also has WP-CLI support, which allows you to manage your backups from the command line. With WP-CLI, you can take a manual backup, set up a backup schedule, restore a backup, or list all the backups that have been taken. To use WP-CLI with UpdraftPlus, you need to install the UpdraftPlus WP-CLI package.

Security And Database encryption

UpdraftPlus encrypts your database backup files before storing them in Google cloud storage and other remote storage locations.

Pre-update Backup

The pre-update backup feature on UpdraftPlus backs up your website before you update WordPress, themes, or plugins. This is a lifesaver if something goes wrong during the update process.

These are just some of the features offered by UpdraftPlus.

Benefits Of Using UpdraftPlus

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There are many benefits of using UpdraftPlus as your WordPress backup plugin. Some of the benefits are:

Ease Of Use

UpdraftPlus is very easy to use. You can schedule automatic backups and store them in the cloud with just a few clicks. UpdraftPlus has an amazing user interface that makes it easy to navigate.


UpdraftPlus is a very reliable backup plugin. It has been tested on over three million websites and has a 4.9-star rating on WordPress.org.  UpdraftPlus’s reliability is one of the main reasons why it is the most popular WordPress backup plugin available.


UpdraftPlus is a very flexible backup plugin. It allows you to store your backups in a variety of locations, including the cloud, FTP, and email. You can also choose what type of WordPress files you want to back up.


UpdraftPlus is a safe backup plugin. It encrypts your database backups before storing them in the cloud. This ensures that your data is safe if your website is hacked or your server crashes.


UpdraftPlus has a free version that you can use to back up your WordPress website. The free version is great for small websites. If you need more features, you can upgrade to the premium version.

Frequent Updates

UpdraftPlus is frequently updated with new features and security fixes. The team behind UpdraftPlus is very active and is always working to improve the plugin.

These are just some of the benefits of using UpdraftPlus as your WordPress backup plugin. There are many more benefits that we haven’t mentioned here.

How To Use UpdraftPlus Plugin

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Now that we have talked about what UpdraftPlus is and what benefits it offers, let’s talk about how to use this WordPress plugin.

Installing UpdraftPlus Plugin

Installing UpdraftPlus is very easy. You can install the plugin from the WordPress plugin repository or from your website’s control panel.

Search For UpdraftPlus

To install UpdraftPlus from your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins -> Add New and search for UpdraftPlus. Once you have found the plugin, click on Install Now and activate the plugin.

Creating Your First Backup

Once you have installed and activated UpdraftPlus, you can create your first backup. To create a backup, go to Settings -> UpdraftPlus Backups and click on the Backup Now button.

You will be taken to the backup page, where you can choose what type of files you want to include in your backup. You can also choose what storage location you want to use for your backup. Once you have chosen your settings, click on the Backup Now button.

Your backup will now be created and stored in the storage location you have chosen. That’s it! You have now successfully backed up your WordPress website using UpdraftPlus.

Pricing Option For UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus has a free version that you can use to back up your WordPress site. The free version is great for small websites looking to economize. However, if you need more features, you can upgrade to the premium version.

The premium version of UpdraftPlus has several subscription options. The Enterprise UpdraftPlus plan goes starts at $195 per year and offers unlimited backups, priority support, and a money-back guarantee.

Also, the Agency UpdraftPlus plan starts at $145 per year. You can back up about 35 websites with this plan. If you need to back up more websites, you can purchase additional licenses. There are other UpdraftPlus pricing plans like the Business, Family, and Gold plans which go for $95, $70, and $339 per year, respectively.

To learn more about UpdraftPlus subscription options and pricing, visit the UpdraftPlus website.

Why You Should Back up with UpdraftPlus

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As a reputable web development team, Priceless Consulting advises all our clients to back up their websites before and after making any changes. We have seen firsthand what can happen when a website is not backed up regularly.

Even if you are not making any changes to your website, it is still a good idea to back up your website regularly. This is because anything can happen that could cause your website to crash, like a hacker attack or a server crash. If you have a backup of your website, you can easily restore your website to its previous state.

We recommend that you use UpdraftPlus to back up your WordPress website. This is because UpdraftPlus is the most popular WordPress backup plugin, and it is very easy to use. Plus, it has a free version that you can use to back up your WordPress website.

If you need more features, you can upgrade to the premium version, which starts at $145 per year. This is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your website is backed up and can be easily restored if something goes wrong. If you want to install this plugin on your website but don’t know how to, contact us!

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