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Jul 22, 2021 | SEO, Web Development

You thought you were set; you have a website. Turns out though that you’re not getting enough traffic to the site nor are you converting people once they even make it there. That’s a problem because what’s the point if people aren’t finding you online or buying your services? Likely, the issue lies in the fact that your site is built with outdated technology or there’s an issue with the checkout process and simplicity of even placing their order. It happens to everyone but your business needs to stay ahead of everyone. And while your website may be the engine of your online strategy, you can’t ignore the critical role search, advertising, and social media play in generating traffic.

To properly assess how we can improve your site, we need to perform a complete website audit and strategy. It’s like an online MRI. The results will tell us what’s going on with your site – what’s working, what isn’t, how users are interacting with the site. This will arm us with the information we need to develop a plan of attack to get your website back on track, generating high quality traffic, converting visitors into customers, and improving your productivity by making it easy for you to maintain moving forward.

There are several aspects of your site we examine during the website audit process. They all play an important role in how well your website is able to meet your business goals.


We‘ll start by looking at your current traffic patterns and conversion rates. We want to find out where your traffic is coming from; how are users behaving on your site; and most importantly, where do we want to improve?


We need to understand who your target audience is. From there we’re able to break that down further to create user personas and scenarios. This will help us set the stage for user testing which will reveal why your website isn’t working the way you want it to.


Messaging is important and your website might just be shooting the messenger. We’ll review the content on your website for quality, consistency, structure, and information architecture.

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Our SEO audit allows us to perform in-depth research on your existing site and provide specific recommendations to improve your rankings. We’ll look at things like  on-page ranking factors, off-page metrics like backlinks, and indexability.


By combining a review of your existing social engagement with the findings from the user testing performed earlier, we’ll be able to decide on which channels to focus, types of content to produce, and the frequency of posting to give you the best return on investment.


By reviewing your current email marketing activities, we can develop a strategy that will reach out to fans and customers, drive subscribers to your website as well as a drip campaign to keep subscribers engaged using marketing automation software.


Your brand is a powerful player in the online world. We’ll review your current website branding, make suggestions for refinement based on your target audience, and create a strategy to ensure your branding is consistent across all channels.


Accessibility and maintainability are the foundations to a effective website. We’ll review your front-end code and your back end platform to find ways we can improve on efficiency.


Based on all aspects of the website audit, our final step will be to develop a framework to ensure that moving forward your website is always kept up-to-date and evolving, along with your business.

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