Make Your Online Presence Sexy Again

April 09, 2020

COVID-19 Sucks – Business Doesn’t Have To!

It’s time to make your online presence sexy again. Remember when you first built your website and you were so excited to keep it updated and have all that amazing content regularly updated? Remember when business picked up and you totally forgot about all of it and let it go to waste? We do. The world does.

So COVID-19 sucks, we get it. But now is NOT the time to stop focusing on your business. If anything, this is the time to ramp up what you are doing to ensure you can remain relevant when this is all over. Now, I’m not saying to go out and buy a new company truck and start building your new office, but having an online presence is ESSENTIAL, now more than ever. Check out my past article about the Power Of A Blog – and why you should be using this time to really hammer down on your online presence.

Do you have a website? Are your customers able to still buy from you? Mail is still being delivered, which means if you have a tangible product, it can still be sold – get online. We all know that you’re stuck home with nothing to do, or if you’re lucky you are still producing for your business. The lucky few of us that are need to stand up and ensure that others get the help they need to succeed as well. That’s why I’m writing this. I want to help you guys out.

I’m not even saying to pick me to be your web developer (although I would appreciate it if you did). All I’m saying is that if you dont already have a website up and running you need to get on the bandwagon or just accept the fate of your business in this economy – it’s likely going to fail. 🙁

I’m an affiliate partner of a great web hosting company called SiteGround. This means that I get paid a small commission when someone uses their services through my links, but it also means that I get to share some pretty steep discounts for people as well. Like this one they are running right now, where you can get the first 3 months of service with them for only $0.99!

I’ve been with them for a few years now, and I’ve never seen them do something like this, so yes, I am recommending you click that link and go sign up. get yourself online, and when you’re ready to make it look pretty, give me a call or book a time with me!

*Disclaimer: the image is my elbow bent, but marketing is marketing – and you clicked it anyways because you have a dirty mind.


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