25 Best Cute Candy Store Websites

Feb 18, 2022 | Business

If you’re looking for a sweet treat, you’re in luck. There are tons of candy stores out there with delicious goodies just waiting to be eaten.

But which one should you visit? We’ve gathered 25 of the cutest candy store websites on the internet today so that you can decide for yourself.

From big chains to regional, independent stores, we’ve got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing these delightful websites and get ready to indulge your sweet tooth!

Why Do You Need A Website As A Candy Store?

A website is a necessity for any candy store, as it allows customers to purchase products from anywhere in the world. It also provides an online presence that can help you attract new customers and build your brand.

Additionally, having a website gives you a place to share product information, news, and updates with your customers.
Finally, a website allows you to accept payments and ship orders directly to your customer’s doorsteps.

If you’re looking for a way to take your candy business to the next level, then consider launching or upgrading your website today!
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25 Best Cute Candy Store Websites To Visit


1. Sadie’s Sweet Shop

sadies sweet shop candy shop

Sadie’s Sweet Candy Shop is a family-owned online candy store. In November 2017, they opened their first shop after recognizing the need for an old-fashioned candy store and candy catering in their region.

It’s been a pleasant ride so far, and today, Sadie’s Sweet Shop’s does everything from event catering, candy classes, delicious treats, and even apparel!

2. BulkCandyStore

Bulk Candy Store Homepage

This lovely store offers everything from sour patches and skittles to novelty items like delicious red licorice sticks.

There are so many options here it may take some time before finding just the right one, but we promise once you do, it’ll be worth every minute spent searching.

3. Godiva

Godiva's home page

Godiva is a classic candy brand that’s been around for ages. Their website features an elegant design with a gold color scheme, which matches the packaging of their delicious chocolates.

You can shop for gifts or special occasions like birthdays and holidays, as well as browse through all the different types of chocolate available at Godiva stores across America.

4. Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly Home page

This website is the perfect place to find out about all things Jelly beans. You can browse through their products, learn about new flavors such as cotton candy jelly beans, and even watch fun videos like “How to make a Jelly Belly jelly bean.”

They also have an entertainment section where you can read about how each flavor is made or recipes that use them. If you’re looking for a unique candy store website, be sure to check out this one.

5. Sugarfina

Sugarfina home page

Sugarfina is the ultimate candy store and has different types of International sweets all for sale on their website.

They also provide some great gift sets that would delight any child or adult who loves sweets! Their exotic treats include vegan candy and strawberry daiquiri lips, as well as more traditional offerings such as gummies and chocolate.

6. Sweet Pete’s Candy Shop

Sweet Pete's home page

This website has a fun, retro vibe that will take you back to your childhood. It’s packed full of delicious candy options like chocolate bars, lollipops, and gummy bears.

They offer a wide variety of Vegan candy for vegetarians. Sweet Pete’s is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for an old-school candy store experience.

7. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Rocky Mountain's Home Page

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is a big top candy shop that has been around since 1981, making it one of the oldest specialty candy shops in America.

Their website features photos of some colorful candies along with prices; this makes shopping online easy because there are so many options available here.You’ll also find links to their socials where customers can follow updates about new products on offer or special events happening near them.

8. Candy Warehouse

Candy Warehouse's home page

This website is a great resource for those who like to try new things. They have every form of candy imaginable, including gummy worms and jelly beans that come in all sorts of flavors (from fruity ones like cherry or orange).

Candy warehouse is also a bulk candy store, meaning you can buy candy in bulk and select from over 6000 different products!

9. Sweet Candy Company

Sweet candy's home page

This website is home to some of the most delicious-looking candy you’ll ever see. They have a wide range of products, including taffy, cinnamon bears, fruit sours, hard candies, and chocolate sticks.

The best part about this website? It’s updated regularly with new arrivals, so you’ll never get bored of the selection. Sweet candy also has a blog where customers can learn about upcoming events, new products, and more.

10. Candy Club

Candy Club's home page

Candy Club is dedicated to all things sugary. They offer a wide range of products, including gummy bears and choco bears. They also offer wholesale and monthly subscription services.

If you’re a candy lover who wants to have your favorite sweets brought to you on a regular basis, their subscription service is definitely worth trying.

11. Phillips Chocolates

Philip's home page

Phillips is one of the oldest online candy stores still in operation, with a brick-and-mortar location. It is also the oldest seller of chocolate in Boston.

The company was established in 1930 and specializes in handmade chocolate confections. Ever since then, they’ve been producing their goods in small quantities.

12. Little Flower Candy Company

Little Flower's home page

Sea-salt caramel candies are the specialty here, and guess what? They’re all handmade. Its owner is a pastry chef who has trained in Paris and her artistry can be seen in each product.

There are other sugary delights on offer, but the store caters to individuals who want a distinct taste treat rather than typical sweets.

13. Nelson’s Columbia Candy Kitchen

Nelson's Columbia candy's home page

Nelson’s Columbia Candy Kitchen is known for selling Danish-inspired treats and now purveys them online. They produce remarkable, extreme flavors like sassafras and anise are common in their dishes.

They still prepare everything in copper kettles and cool the products on marble tables that date from the early 1900s. Nelson’s is, quite simply, the finest old-fashioned candy available.

14. Economy Candy

Economy Candy Home Page

Economy Candy, founded in 1942, has transformed penny sweets into a full-time job over the last 68 years. This is what a traditional old-time candy store would look like, but there are far too few of them.

Their vast menu of sweetness includes small and large sweets retro and new candy flavors. And they’ve even embraced the low-calorie and sugar-free movements. What more could you ask for?!

15. Albanese Confectionery

Albanese Candy's home page

Albanese confectionery creates chocolates of every kind, premium roasted nuts, and gummies.

However, their gummies are what put them on the map.

Albanese gummies feature a wide range of flavors and patterns, and their sweets are intended to be “masterpieces.”

16. It’s Sugar

It's Sugar home page

Like the rest of the business, the company’s website is quite attractive. Gummies, chocolate, standard and unusual sweets are all available through the internet-store.

Some are a whopping 1-pound peppermint chocolate patties. For people with strange tastes, this is a dream come true.

17. Robin’s Candy

Robin's Candy Home Page

Robin’s offers a wide range of vintage and contemporary sweets, with everything from classics to novelties.

In every flavor and form, they specialize in New England items like licorice.

They also offer fine imported licorice for refined tastes.

18. Chutter’s

Chutter's Home Page

Chutter’s is a New Hampshire store with a beautiful online store.

They sell everything from caramels to chocolate bars to gummies!

Do check out their site, it’s really lovely!

19. Old Time Candy

Old time candy's home page

This site sells a wide range of candy that is no longer in production.

These include Baby Ruth, Abazaba, and other products from the past.

They also sell retro gifts and old-timey toys because we’re all just big sweet kids at heart!

20. Candy Nation

candy nation's home page

Candy Nation is an eCommerce site and wholesaler of sweets.

They provide a large range of sweets, ship wholesale and bulk within the United States and Canada, and are headquartered in Valley Forge, PA.

They also stock everything from chocolates to gumballs, unwrapped and individually wrapped, nostalgic and retro candy to the latest sour candy.

21. Dylan’s Candy Bar

Dylan candy's home page

This trendy candy store, which opened in 2001, now features more than 7,000 different sweets for every imaginable sweet tooth.

Dylan Lauren, the daughter of designer Ralph Lauren, is its owner.

Trust us when we say that this store offers a wide range of sweets, including snacks and unique items you can’t find anywhere else.

22. Shane Confectionery

Shane confectionery's home page

Since 1911, Shane has been creating art and candy.

Their homemade treats are famous worldwide.

Specialties are licorice, chocolates, and brandied cherries—one of the oldest candy sellers in the U.S. in continuous operation.

23. Amy’s Candy Bar

Amy's candy home page

Amy’s is a chocolatier and candy shop.

They offer beautiful licorice, gummies, and other specialties, as well as standard sweets.

What’s more, their proprietor is a French pastry chef with traditional training.

We highly recommend!

24. Hershey’s Chocolate World

Hershey's Chocolate Home Page

This worldwide company sells literally everything on their online, including a few goods that aren’t available in physical locations.

Customers can also find some nice bulk discounts on this store.

It’s definitely a great place to go if you love chocolate or candy bars.

25. Windy City Sweets

Windy City's home page

Everything is handmade each day at this famed Chicago-based business, which produces some of the world’s most renowned pretzels, chocolate-covered of course, and other one-of-a-kind items.

And a little bonus, not a Candy STORE, but a Chocolate Restaurant?!

26. The Chocolate Martini Bar in Pooler, GA

chocolate bar sav

The Chocolate Martini Bar is a new, whimsical date night venue complete with great food, martinis and desserts. It’s the perfect place to go out on the town!


These are just a few of the many amazing candy stores that are available on the internet today. No matter what your taste in sweets maybe, you’re sure to find something to love at one of these destinations. So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing and indulging today!

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