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Published: March 30, 2022

Copyright-free music has been on the rise in recent years. And as society becomes more and more comfortable with downloading and streaming music online, the need for affordable, quality music has increased.

While there are many great websites where you can find copyright-free music to use in your videos or projects, not all of them are created equal.

In light of this, we have decided to review Epidemic Sound, one of the most popular copyright-free music services out there. This article will discuss what this platform is, how it works, and how creatives can use it to improve their work!


What Is Epidemic Sound?


Easily access your favorites on Epidemic Sound

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Epidemic Sound is a company that provides high-quality music for customers to use in their projects. The music and videos provided are royalty-free, with rights including access to the library.

It was founded in 2009 by four entrepreneurs from Sweden, Peer Åström, David Stenmarck, Oscar Höglund, and Jan Zachrisson, to make it easier for creatives to find quality background music for their projects.


How Does Epidemic Sound work?


Music Sessions with Keyboard and Headphones


Epidemic Sound works by licensing music from various independent artists, composers, and labels. This means that creators can use Epidemic Sound’s music in their projects without worrying about copyright infringement.

It also offers a subscription-based model, which allows creators to access its entire music library for a monthly fee. Here are some features that make Epidemic Sound the best music platform for creatives:


High-Quality Music And Video Library

It has over 35,000 songs and 90,000 sound effects. It also has a variety of music genres to choose from.


Music Festival with lots of color



The platform has been built to help creatives find the best tracks for their projects- it accomplishes this with the help of filters. The filtering system makes it easier for creators to find the perfect song and videos for their project without spending hours searching through Epidemic Sound’s huge library.

Stem Files

With stem files, you can isolate a specific instrument, melody, bass, or drumline. As a result, the track will be divided into individual ‘stems,’ allowing you to pick and choose the portions of the track you truly want. With this, you can create various forms of a song that fits your project perfectly.


You can download the music platform’s royalty-free music and sound effects in WAV or MP files. The site also offers an app that you can download on your mobile device. This lets you access your account and download music anywhere.


Where Can I Use Epidemic Sound?


Use Epidemic Sound on your Youtube Channel videos


It can be used in a variety of different projects, depending on the subscription package you choose when signing up. These projects include films, Youtube videos, TV shows, video games, podcasts, ads, and webinars.


How Does Epidemic Sound Operate?


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The majority of the company’s functionality is accomplished through your browser. However, tracks can be downloaded on mobile devices. The company also has an app that’s downloadable from the app store. It functions similarly to the Apple Music and Spotify apps.

With the app, you can browse playlists, listen to tunes, and even create your own. Content creators can also connect the app to their social media accounts, such as Facebook and YouTube channels.


The Pricing Options




First off, Epidemic Sound offers new users an unrestricted free 30-day trial with all rights included. The free trial allows users to get familiar with the music platform. Once the free trial is over, users will be asked to select from three subscription plans:

  1. Personal Subscription Plan: For $12 per month, you can access the entire Epidemic Sound library. You can also download and utilize a large number of tracks. This plan works best for individual content creators (vlogs or podcasts).
  2. Commercial Subscription Plan: For $25 per month, this plan is suitable for individuals who make content for multiple clients. The Epidemic Sound commercial plan gives you access to the entire music library (website use included) and simple clearance for client productions
  3. Enterprise Subscription Plan: Pricing is available by request; this plan is most suited for customers like publishers or broadcasters.
  4. Spaces: The subscription plan is $18.88 per month. If you’re a company searching for great soundtracks to enhance customer experience, this is the plan to get.



Epidemic Sound has built a great resource for those looking to access high-quality music. With a ton of songs and sound effects in their library it’s definitely something worth getting as a creative. Before you go, don’t forget to grab your free trial with all music rights included!

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