OFF-TOPIC: How To Make A Monstera Leaf Table

Published: September 7, 2021

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So, with COVID-19 keeping us all home and boredom and all that, I decided to take my hobby of woodworking to the next level by making myself a long needed coffee table. I didn’t want something boring or stock looking, so I took to the one thing that calms me better than anything else… a glass of wine. No, I’m just kidding – it was my obsession with plants.

From what started as a single project to make myself something nice during quarantine, a new business venture(?) was born. You see, I posted about this new table on Facebook in a few plant groups (I told you I was an addict), and within minutes it was going ‘viral’ within them. Admittedly, I was not the first person to think of this design, but I just had to have it anyways.

After posting it, I was asked to put them up on Etsy so that people could go there to purchase one and within minutes I had the first sale, then the second, and the third. It just kept going. If you don’t feel like making your own but really want one, order it here. After orders started coming in, I got quite a few requests on how I did it – and honestly its not hard so I decided to share.

This is just that flow of my process so that you guys can see how I did it. If you want to purchase a template of the leaf, then just email me and we can work out how I can produce decals of it as a full size template for you (that’s how I did my first one).

Monstera Leaf Table 4999 Josh Chretien

Grab yourself a piece of (Common: 1-in x 12-in x 8-ft; Actual: 0.75-in x 11.25-in x 8-ft) Pine Board from one of those supply stores.

Monstera Leaf Table 5001 Josh Chretien

Cut it into 30″ pieces.

Monstera Leaf Table 5003 Josh Chretien

Put 2 30″ pieces side by side, making sure the arch or grain of the wood is opposite to each other (this adds strength).

Monstera Leaf Table 5004 Josh Chretien

Put a bead of glue along the edge of one of the boards.

Monstera Leaf Table 5005 Josh Chretien

Smooth it out evenly with a glue brush or your finger.

Monstera Leaf Table 5006 Josh Chretien

It should look like this.

Monstera Leaf Table 5007 Josh Chretien

Put the boards together, and clamp them. You can never have too many clamps. The vertical clamp you see is just to keep the 2 boards even with each other vertically. The horizontal one holds them together (most important). The blue ones on the parts of wood keep the 2 boards even with each other. Simple stuff.

Monstera Leaf Table 5033 Josh Chretien

After it dries (about 45 mins to be safe), take all the clamps off and trace your pattern onto the wood. I’m using another table here but you can contact me to order a full size template if you’d like.


Monstera Leaf Table 5012 Josh Chretien

Cut that bad boy out with a skill saw, or a scroll saw (I use both depending on how I’m feeling).

Monstera Leaf Table 5016 Josh Chretien

Now it should be like this!

Monstera Leaf Table 5017 Josh Chretien

Time to sand it down. Both sides. You want it as smooth as you can get it. If you have any visible lines between the 2 pieces of glued together parts, sand them flush.

Monstera Leaf Table 5020 Josh Chretien

Smile because you’re done the hard part.

Monstera Leaf Table 5022 Josh Chretien

Now to stain it! I prefer using a darker stain for this table (don’t try the stain/poly mix if not necessary because its wayyy harder to work with). You’ll need that and a stain brush.

Monstera Leaf Table 5025 Josh Chretien

After you stain it, be sure to get in the grooves, so that you dont have any ‘run’ of the stain – because that looks ugly.

Monstera Leaf Table Legs Josh Chretien

Pick your legs and get them screwed on! Be sure to space them evenly and square.

I use these ones:

That’s all there is to it. Let me know if you have questions. Now back to business.

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