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The Events Calendar Plugin
Published: April 11, 2022

If you are looking for a WordPress plugin to help manage and organize your events, The Events Calendar plugin is a great option! This modern events calendar plugin offers many features and settings that make the process of creating events stress-free.

In this article, we will review The Events Calendar and some of its more advanced features and settings. We will also discuss its pricing and give our verdict on this plugin.


What Is The Events Calendar?


A group of people at an event


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The Events Calendar is a WordPress plugin created by Modern Tribe that allows users to create and manage events easily. This premium plugin includes several features, such as template tags, hooks and filters, free extensions, and thorough documentation, making one of the best event calendar plugins out there.

This plugin is also highly popular WordPress plugin. Its client base ranges from giant companies like Warner Bros to educational institutions such as Harvard University.

And with more than 800,000 active installations powering close to 1 billion events, The Events Calendar has been dubbed the #1 WordPress calendar plugin.


Who Uses Events Calendar?


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The following people can use The Events Calendar:

  1. Event Professionals: The Events Calendar helps professionals handle event management with a snap. With this, professionals can easily import events, manage multiple events through promotion, sell tickets for upcoming events, and handle registration.
  2. Developers and Agencies:  The Events Calendar offers full flexible and customizable plugins that work seamlessly with the sites of developers and agencies.
  3. Small Businesses:  The Events Calendar is great for small businesses as it is easy to use and set up. It doesn’t matter if its a single event or multiple events- this plugin will help small businesses make the most of their events.
  4. Civic and Community Organizations: The Events Calendar suite of tools is perfect for schools and universities, community groups, and civic organizations.


The Events Calendar Products


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The Events Calendar offers several products like The Events Calendar PRO, Event Tickets, Event Aggregator, Filter Bar, Promoter, Virtual Events, Community Events, and Eventbrite Tickets.

  1. Event Calendar Pro: You can use this product to power your events for free or upgrade to Pro to unlock recurring events, views, premium support, etc.
  2. Event Tickets: It manages ticketing and RSVPs for free, while the plus upgrade unlocks custom event fields, advanced widgets, premium support, and more.
  3. Event Aggregator: This imports events effortlessly to your Calendar. It works Meetup, Eventbrite, iCal, Google Calendar, and more. 
  4. Filter Bar: Allow users to search for events by category, tag, venue, organizer, day of the week, time of day, and price.

Settings And Configuration


The Events Calendar Plugin


It’s simple to get started with The Events Calendar. Installing and activating the plugin is the first step. It should only take a minute or two to complete. You’ll be led to a welcome screen after you’re finished. To set up your Calendar for the first time, go to Events and then Settings.

Simply click Events and pick Add New when you’re ready to create your first event. To avoid future problems, give your event a name and a description. Every event must have a start and end date and a time.

You may also provide information about the event’s location, website, and cost. Scroll down to the Location subtitle and fill out the provided form to add a venue.

You will be asked to supply the following information: nation, city, name, and address of the venue. After that, scroll down and fill in the website and event cost, then click Publish to make the event visible.


Features Of The Events Calendar


Features Of The Events Calendar


The Events Calendar gives its users two options; The Events Calendar (Basic) and The Events Calendar PRO. The PRO version has more features than the free version.

The key features of The Events Calendar are:

  • Create, submit events and manage them with ease.
  • Display events in list view, grid view, or map view.
  • Have full control over how events are displayed on your site
  • The Events Calendar is responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Supports Google Calendar, iCal, and RSS

The key features of The Events Calendar PRO are:

  • Recurring events
  • Event tickets
  • Premium support
  • Custom event views
  • Premium Themes




Pricing Page


The basic Events Calendar is free to download on The Pro version, however, is based on the number of sites you have:

  • The plan for one website costs $99/year.
  • The plan for three websites costs $199/year,
  • The plan for ten websites costs $399/year.
  • The Unlimited plan costs $799/year.


Review of The Events Calendar Plugin


Thumbs Up


The Events Calendar Plugin is a great plugin for small businesses and organizations. Its features and settings are easy to use, and its also mobile-friendly. The PRO version offers more features than the free version, but it is more expensive.

Overall, we think The Events Calendar is a great choice for those looking for a fluid event calendar plugin for their WordPress site. Go for it!

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