Power Of A Blog

March 11, 2020

So this data is pulled directly out of the Google Analytics Dashboard of a client of mine. I figured this was such a valuable representation of the power of a blog that I had to share.

power of a blog analytics priceless consulting llc 1

If you look at the chart at the bottom, you can see that content targeting is the biggest success in visitors, totaling in at 62% of total web traffic. The difference between content targeting and other forms of paid inclusion is that content targeting involves matching not just keywords that are used in a search query with advertisements, but with matching the actual contents of web pages with search queries. Content targeting utilizes ALL THE WORDS from your site to match their search. Rather than focusing on paid keywords, it allows their search to be matched against literally everything on your site, resulting in more hits. With that being said, the more blogs you have with relevant content, the more content matching can occur, and thus the more hits you get to the site; thus more clients.

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