Introducing Orderable: The Best Restaurant Plug-in for WooCommerce

Feb 11, 2022 | Articles

If you are a restaurant owner looking for an easy way to take online orders, then look no further than Orderable! Orderable’s restaurant plug-in for WooCommerce is the best in the business and has everything you need to take your orders online.

With Orderable, you can easily add online ordering to your site, manage your inventory, track your sales, and more. Plus, our plug-in is highly customizable and can be tailored to fit the needs of any restaurant. This article will discuss more on Orderable’s features and how you can use it to take your business to the next level.

Orderable’s List Of Features


Features Available On Orderable

Below is a list of features that make Orderable the smart choice for your restaurant:

Zero Fees: Say goodbye to giving third-party apps and websites 30% – 40% of each sale. And say hello to keeping all of your hard-earned money.

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Mobile-First Design: Orderable is compatible with multiple mobile devices and looks wonderful on them, so your site and menu will always be simple to use, no matter what sort of screen your customer uses to place an order.

Individual product pages are also closed off in order to provide a simplified ordering experience. Customers may look at their carts from the shop page and add items there.

Easy Ordering: Orderable’s app-like, one-page design gives your consumers a simple ordering procedure.

Product Addons: Customers may personalize their food by choosing from a variety of toppings, converting it vegan, or adding on side items. Include extra costs or pictures to assist clients in making a selection.

Order bumps: To boost your average order value, add more menu items, sides, or sauces to a customer’s purchase as they add things to their cart.

You can utilize WooCommerce’s product settings to choose which goods to bump for specific products in Orderable. Another revenue-boosting function is the tipping feature. You can let your customers tip you as they would in a restaurant.


Ordering Layout menu

Product/Menu Layouts: Orderable’s adaptable templates will come in handy if you want to create a restaurant menu quickly.

You may use the same ordering layout for your menus as you would on any other page. There’s no need to code! The menu items can be shown in a grid or a list format. It also allows you to alter how the various food categories are displayed.

Time Slots: Take control of your schedule and establish when you can accept or deliver orders for delivery. Customers may choose a time that works best with your schedule when they place an order.

Holiday Scheduling: With Orderable, you can make sure orders only come in when you’re there by creating one-time or recurring holiday plans for your company.

You can choose whether to make the schedule change on a recurring basis or every year, and you can also tell when the holiday will switch. To avoid wasting time, you may add many holiday seasons at once.

Full Checkout Control: The default WooCommerce checkout is fantastic, but it isn’t ideal for local purchases. Orderable allows you to modify the WooCommerce checkout process and includes a straightforward checkout form that is designed to convert.

Set your own delivery costs, choose payment options you want, and add optional tip suggestions to your checkout to finish the transaction.

Order Management: You can receive instant alerts whenever new orders come in and quickly modify order statuses as you start processing.

Timed Products: Set the options for when your items or product categories are displayed in your store—ideal for lunch specials.

Custom Checkout: Orderable includes a live order management function that notifies you as soon as a new order is submitted. You won’t have to check your email for order notifications or refresh the page to see the new orders.

Orders are immediately displayed on the order page, and you can view all of the information, such as what service they have chosen, what products they have purchased, and which slot they have selected.

Benefits Of Orderable


Orderable's Home Page

Here are some benefits you can get from using the Orderable restaurant plug-in for WooCommerce:

Increase Sales: Allow your customers to place orders online and increase sales without any third-party fees. With Orderable’s low, flat-rate pricing model, keep more of what you earn.

Save Time & Money: Automate your order process with Orderable’s built-in features, such as automatically marking orders complete when they’re delivered or paid for at pickup!

Beginner Friendly: Are you a non-techy? If yes, there is absolutely no need for you to be tech-savvy if you don’t want to be. Orderable does not require any technical knowledge on your part. Using Orderable, you’ll be able to set up your online purchasing system in minutes.

Build Loyalty: Give back to loyal customers by offering free delivery on their next order after placing two separate ones through the app within a month. This is just one way that we help build loyalty programs into our product so businesses like yours can thrive!



Image showing 5 golden stars

Ahmed Chougle from WP Dexigner shares:

“I tested Orderable for quite a few days and have found it to be a great plug-in to solve the recurring commission sharing problem for local businesses.

The plug-in includes several useful features that are helpful to increase revenue and customize the user experience for your customers.

They just recently released version 1 of the plug-in. The team has teased WhatsApp and SMS integration, which will be an interesting addition once implemented.”

Cartera Ngon from WordPress.Org shares:

“Really loving Orderable. What a beautiful plug-in to work along with Woocommerce in order to accept pickup or delivery orders. Easy to configure, quick support and with many many things in the roadmap. Thanks for an outstanding product to make sales online super easy.”

Ivan van der Tuuk from WordPress.Org shares:

“The way for adding products with options is very good! Just press add to cart and the product options or cross sells appear! Works great on mobile. Developer is very responsive to questions and I love where this plug-in is going! Keep up the good development.”



Orderable's Pricing Page

There are two versions. The Orderable Pro version, a paid version, is available for download on their site. While the Orderable core plug-in is available for free on WP. org.

Orderable also has an awesome option of committing to a yearly plan based solely on the number of sites you want to use on it:


Currently, the yearly plan goes for:

1 site license – $149/year
10 site license – $399/year
25 site license – $499/year
All premium features are included in all plans, and the cost difference is only dependent on the number of licenses.


Frequently Asked Questions


What Is Required To Use Orderable?

The only required component for this theme is WordPress. Orderable integrates with WooCommerce for the checkout, so you’ll need a hosting account with WordPress and WooCommerce already set up.

What Payment Gateways Does Orderable Support?


Woocommerce's payment gateways

This is where Orderable comes in handy. Any WooCommerce payment gateway may be used with Orderable.

Does Orderable Charge A Percentage Of Each Order?

The other advantage of utilizing Orderable is that there are no extra costs on each transaction, unlike other ordering systems.

Will Orderable Work With My page Builder?

Yes, Orderable works with all page builders. You simply create your ordering layout and use the provided shortcode in your page builder. Orderable also provides a native Gutenberg Block.


To sum up, Orderable is a great plug-in that can help take restaurant orders online. It is perfect for:

  • Local Restaurants
  • Local Cafes
  • Local Florists
  • Farmers Markets
  • Local Hardware Stores
  • Local Drug Stores

It is also easy to set up, and the support team is always available when you need help with it. If you are running an online restaurant business and want to install Orderable on your site, simply contact us here!

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